Thursday, November 6, 2014

So Much More // Akola Project

Two of my strongest passions in life are helping others and the idea of expressing yourself through how you dress. What a pleasure it was to come across a company who incorporates both of these factors into their work! The non-profit business Akola Project is a truly beautiful brand. Not only are their products gorgeous, but their mission and what they stand for is what is really amazing.

Akola Project's Fall Line is definitely alluring. I was drawn to the pieces from the first time I saw them. The balance between authentic Ugandan material and lovely design really make for the perfect accessories. Some of my favorite necklaces from the line are styled below!

The Demi necklace in Azure//Nickel Pendant
Hand-rolled paper beads & Ethiopian pendant

The Tether necklace in Brass
Ethiopian pendants

The Trinity necklace in Black
Horn beads 

*Photos by Caroline Fowler

The goal? "To empower marginalized women to transform the physical and spiritual livelihoods of their families and communities through economic development." All of Akola Project's pieces are hand made with care by struggling, oppressed women in Uganda. But this company is so much more than that. A part from the business, Akola Project works to build God-centered relationships with these women as they are uplifted, encouraged, and supported. The amount of love poured into this project far outweighs the success of the merchandise. Look past the beautiful products, although that may be hard to do, and appreciate the meaning behind this idea.

Check out these handmade products here and give yourself the gift of contributing to the training, education, employment, and bettering of under-privelegd Ugandan women. And meet some of the women whose lives you are touching here.

Monday, October 13, 2014

MUMI Festival Style

One of the best things about going to festivals is having the opportunity to be inspired by the style surrounding you. I may be biased, but I have always been a huge fan of Atlanta, and I think that this city is underestimated. ATL-ians definitely did not disappoint at Music Midtown when it came to fashion. I love seeing how each person puts their own individual touch on a certain trend. Whether it was jumpers, harem pants, bold prints, fringe… something was always catching my eye. Check out some of my favorite looks from this well-spent weekend in the greatest city around. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

MUMI Day 2

Day two of Music Midtown was full of good times. We had a lot more time on Saturday to walk around, check out the market, eat popsicles, and hear more bands. I had never before heard of the band Magic Man, but ended up really enjoying them. They were so energetic and seemed truly thankful for performing and passionate about what they do. We strolled through the art market and stumbled upon some really cool stuff, threw some glitter on our face, and headed over to Aer. A popular Athens band, I have heard and seen Aer a few times before, and they were great as usual. We hopped on over to Third Eye Blind which was a really cool experience. They are one of the few classic 90's bands that I have ever heard live, and I am so glad they were added to the lineup. We then headed over to B.o.B, mainly to get a good spot for Lana, but I was so surprised by this performance! Not only did I appreciate him rocking a Falcons jersey, but B.o.B had amazing energy and crowd interaction. Everyone had a great time. Lana Del Rey followed, and was amazing as always. This set was particularly exciting because she played a few more songs off of her Ultraviolence album than she normally does. Man, she is flawless. I always admire her undeniable appreciation for her fans. We ended the night watching and listening to Eminem from afar up on the lawn. He is just really cool and put on a great show. The second day of Music Midtown did not disappoint, that's for sure.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MUMI Day 1

A weekend full of live music and hanging out with your closest friends is never a bad idea. In fact, that is how I would choose to spend every weekend if it were up to me. So my first experience of Music Midtown in the heart of Atlanta was a good one, to say the least. The weather, the scenery, the music… it was perfect. Day one consisted of dancing around in the crowd to Iggy Azaela, singing as loud as we could to Lorde, and ending the night on the lawn admiring John Mayer's voice (and looks). First thing's first- Iggy killed it. I absolutely loved seeing her live, and she was an amazing performer. She definitely put on a show and engaged the audience… everyone was jumping around the wholeee time. This was my second time seeing Lorde, and she was just as amazing as the first time. I could listen to her sing "Ribs" over and over again and never get tired of it. This girl is something else. I was really pleasantly surprised to see John Mayer's name on the line up when it was first announced, and his show definitely did not disappoint. We listened and watched from afar dancing on the lawn to my favorite classic- "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room." Last Friday was the perfect start to a great weekend.