Monday, July 14, 2014


 This weekend, a few of the girls and I spent our Saturday in Piedmont Park. The Atlanta Street Food  Festival was going on, and we just couldn't miss out on some good eats. This is the first time any of us had experienced the festival, but we are all so glad that we did. The day featured a variety of food trucks that specialize in interesting, unique, and just flat out good food. We took a lap when we first got there to feel out all of our options, but I personally decided on the Bento Bus. This Japanese cuisine truck featured tacos, nachos, rice bowls, and their ever famous (and my favorite new item) the surrito. This "sushi burrito" has rice, cucumber, avocado, tempora, and my added choice of tofu all squished together in a soy wrap. I mean… this thing was gooood. We also indulged in Westside Creamery's cold treats to beat the heat. An assortment of ice cream, cookie sandwiches, and sorbets did the trick. Although I think we all wish we could've tried more, our choices were very successful. See you next year, surrito!

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