Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Publix Fresh Seafood Bagged Dinners: A Must Try

As a low-income college student just trying to balance making good grades, volunteerting, and staying sane and healthy, I'm always on the lookout for new, easy meal opportunities at a low cost. Thankfully, Publix has introduced a type of meal prep that is fast, healthy, and affordable. 

This new feature allows shoppers to prepare a whole fresh meal in store while avoiding preservatives and hassles of microwave dinners. The process includes choosing a fresh meat choice from the seafood section of the grocery store, then deciding on a flavor, and finally having the meal bagged and sealed in a special packaging that keeps the components fresh and can be cooked without any unwrapping or distributing.

Publix's new feature also offers a variety of flavors including Caribbean, Mediterranean, Dijon, and Sweet Chili- so there is an option for everyone! While these meals are not as cheap as a frozen pizza necessarily, they are surprisingly affordable. At around $20, you receive a fresh, flavorful meal with plenty of food to save for leftovers. This meal option is perfect for a variety of people, from families to struggling college students.

So throw out your Ramen noodles and Stouffer's and add some nutrition and variation to your diet. I'm sure you'll be hearing about this trend from friends or seeing ads pop up all over your social media. And with reason, because this is a tasty new service that everyone should be taking advantage of at their local Publix (where shopping is a pleasure). 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Periscope: A New Trend In Social Media


In today's age, there is always a new social media platform being introduced. Some become classics while some only stick around long enough to be considered trends. One of the newer channels that has caught the eye of social users over the past year is Periscope. But is this app here to stay, or just another fad?

Bought and launched by Twitter in early 2015, this new live video streaming app allows users to broadcast from their mobile app anytime, anywhere. The platform is totally interactive as it allows viewers to respond with feedback and start discussions with the broadcasters that they follow. Replay, share, and save videos from different channels including #Travel, #Music, #Food, #Art, and more.

In an evolving digital world, this new social media channel allows bloggers and other socialites to share their voice in a live, more personal way. Sound familiar? With the startup of Facebook Live, which is basically the same concept as Periscope, it seems as though this new app has been falling in popularity. Why use up space downloading a new app and remembering another username and password combo when you can accomplish the same goal on an app that you've been using for years?

So yes, Periscope is a great idea and is well executed as an app. However, the constant release of new social media platforms and the innovation and evolution of features in the already well-established channels pose a threat to Periscope. It may prove to just be a trend in the social world that has come and already gone. Try it out and decide for yourself!