Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Periscope: A New Trend In Social Media


In today's age, there is always a new social media platform being introduced. Some become classics while some only stick around long enough to be considered trends. One of the newer channels that has caught the eye of social users over the past year is Periscope. But is this app here to stay, or just another fad?

Bought and launched by Twitter in early 2015, this new live video streaming app allows users to broadcast from their mobile app anytime, anywhere. The platform is totally interactive as it allows viewers to respond with feedback and start discussions with the broadcasters that they follow. Replay, share, and save videos from different channels including #Travel, #Music, #Food, #Art, and more.

In an evolving digital world, this new social media channel allows bloggers and other socialites to share their voice in a live, more personal way. Sound familiar? With the startup of Facebook Live, which is basically the same concept as Periscope, it seems as though this new app has been falling in popularity. Why use up space downloading a new app and remembering another username and password combo when you can accomplish the same goal on an app that you've been using for years?

So yes, Periscope is a great idea and is well executed as an app. However, the constant release of new social media platforms and the innovation and evolution of features in the already well-established channels pose a threat to Periscope. It may prove to just be a trend in the social world that has come and already gone. Try it out and decide for yourself!


  1. This is a great read! During a marketing meeting yesterday I heard periscope for the first time. I'm surprised it's the first time I've heard of it! I agree that it seems like only a trend, but it'll be interesting to see which brands pull it off and whether or not it will gain traction or not.

  2. Great article! I use Periscope often to watch news events mainly and I'm interested that it hasn't caught on more. To see the different perspectives of the Charlotte riots and Hurricane Matthew brought personal perspectives in that I don't think you could get only from mainstream media.


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