Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pop Up Food Stands + Social Media

A popular service that has been around for the past few years is mobile food businesses. Food trucks, ice cream carts, and other pop up food stands are all around us. Here in Athens, one of the most popular mobile services is your favorite cold treat- King of Pops. However, they need to watch out because a new local dessert pop up just might be taking over the throne. 

Nedza's Waffles is a new business that serves delicious ice cream-waffle treats at various locations in Athens.  Haven't heard of it yet? One reason might be that they don't have an actual retail store. They just simply choose various locations around Athens, such as Zombie Donuts or Fuzzy's Taco Shop,  set up their tent, and serve out this modern twist on an ice cream cone.

While these type of food stands have become increasingly popular over the years, how are they so successful without a physical store space? The answer is social media. Rather than passing through downtown one day and seeing the signs for Nedza's Waffles like I have in the past with new food spots in Athens, I first learned about this business through Instagram. Then, a few weeks later, I saw one of these treats on a friend's Snapchat. This marketing tactic solidifies their target market as college students because if you don't have social media, odds are you haven't heard of this place. 

Instagram is probably the most useful platform for this business because staff members and customers can post photos of their treat and tag the location so that others know where to find Nedza's. They even instruct followers on their website to "follow us on our social media channels to stay up to date on where you can find us next!" This mobile business just goes to show how digital and social media marketing is continually being integrated into strategy design in all fields of business. 

So give them a follow and find out where Nedza's Waffles will be next. You're pretty much guaranteed to find me there as well!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Trends In Festival Style

Although it all started with the OG Woodstock in 1969, music festivals have been making a comeback as a popular trend over the past few years. And what comes with event trends? Style trends. 

"Festival Style" is such a popular trend with numerous Pinterest boards and blog posts centered around the subject. Festival-goers look to celebrities and other influencers for the latest festival trends and try to mimic those looks on their own. However, what I have realized is that the festival trends definitely depend on the type of festival. 

Three years ago, I went to Coachella Music Festival in Palm Springs, California. While I was primarily there for the bands and the musical experience, I was also prioritizing my outfits. Because this festival is known as a more classy, chic event, I looked to fashion blogs and Vassnessa Hudgen's Instagram feed for inspiration. (Think flower crowns... lol.)

While Coachella is known for luxurious pool parties and best-dressed A-listers, other festivals such as Bonnaroo have a different outlook on the festival style. This festival that takes place on a farm is known for being hot and somewhat dirty. And with that mindset, festival-goers look for comfortable, yet crazy statement outfits while veering away from gladiator sandals and designer maxi dresses. 

One of the newer festivals that has grown in popularity over the past couple years is right here in our backyard: Music Midtown. This festival is interesting because it's hot, very hot. It might rain. It's not as luxurious as Palm Springs, but it's not as farm-y as Tennessee... it's Atlanta (take that as you will). So how do you dress? Where should you look for inspiration? Should you go for the chic, high class hippie look? Or more grungy, fun and crazy comfortable look? The answer is that there's no right answer- and that goes for all festivals. 

Depending on the festival, certain looks are encouraged or suggested. But the matter of the fact is that each festival-goer should dress in a way that he or she feels comfortable, confident, and expressive. The way I do it? A little bit of both. I had Vanessa-inspired hair for Day 1 and comfort and fun for Day 2. And I felt like my outfit choice each day was the best decision! So no, it might have not been street-style worthy on a prestigious fashion blog. But all I'm saying is that I'd love to see you try and find that homemade shirt with my friend's face on it anywhere in Vogue. Now that's original.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Rise Of Online Communities In Fashion Brands

With the ever changing and evolving social platforms, brands are constantly trying to find out how to differentiate themselves from their competition. Brands want to be inviting to their customers, but in a cool, attractive way. One way of achieving this goal that I have noticed a recent growth in over the past couple of years is through online communities. 

Many companies have begun an online community on their website that invites customers to share their product purchases in a fun new way. With these member profiles, users can share information about themselves (including location, style, age, and hobbies) and upload pictures of their purchases. While this is a great way for users to express themselves creatively, this is also a new approach to product reviews. Customers who are considering purchasing a product can look at other users pictures to see how the product looks on a certain skin color, body type, and certain 'style.'

The two brands that I have noticed the most success with this brand are Free People and Urban Outfitters (owned by the same company URBN). With Free People's platform, users create an account through the website where they can upload pictures, 'tag' (link) products in their pictures, and like and comment on other users uploads. This creative community allows Free People's customers to be themselves and connect with other inspiring girls like them. I myself have even taken to this online community and have found it both fun and beneficial! 

Urban Outfitters has taken a similar approach. However, instead of an online profile through the website, users can connect their Instagram account to different products to showcase their look and how they have styled different products. Using new, innovative ways to attract consumers to a brand has proven to be very successful for these brands. Users feel apart of a group or community, and this feeling of unity creates brand loyalty. So to Free People and Urban Outfitters, kudos... you're doing it right!

Monday, September 5, 2016

A Millennial's Take On Instagram Giveaways

If you're on Instagram, then there is probably a pretty good chance that you have come across some sort of giveaway contest on your feed.

Online giveaways are somewhat of a new fad for digital marketing that consist of users making some sort of action that will benefit the company hosting the giveaway for a chance to win something of value (ie product, giftcard, etc) from that company. On other platforms, some of these actions may include providing an email and/or other demographic information, sharing, pinning, or retweeting. For Instagram, these actions usually include liking, following, reposting, or tagging friends. All of these things have one common goal for the company who is hosting the giveaway: allowing more people to reach the account.

These giveaways are pretty genius. Brand accounts gain followers and popularity while users receive a chance to win a cool prize. And depending what the prize is, users may be more willing to participate. Take it from me: a loyal Instagram giveaway participant. I love the excitement of the competition and waiting for the end result to be announced. I've actually even won a few of these giveaways and have received prizes such as clothes, bags, jewelry, and planners. I love all of these gifts and now have somewhat of a loyal relationship with these brands. And if the brand is lucky, the winners will post a picture of their prize with the company's account tagged for more publicity!

While I am normally a fan of Instagram giveaways, there are some contests that just ask for too much. When a giveaway requires that a user tags 5+ friends and repost the image on their own feed with lots of tags and hashtags, this deters participants (especially if the prize is not worth all the effort). The loop giveaways are also a popular new trend that I am not that supportive of. This kind of giveaway leads users through a loop of around 10 accounts and requires that you follow/like/comment on photos from all accounts in that loop. Again, while all of those requirements benefit the individual companies involved in the giveaway, that is a lot of work for an average prize that users don't have a great chance of winning.

The matter of the fact is that Instagram is a platform for people to express themselves through pictures and gain inspiration from other accounts. While Instagram giveaways are a great opportunity for brands to gain audiences, remember that Instagram users want to maintain their own individual brand without being overwhelmed by rules and requirements from contests that are meant to be fun and enjoyable.
(But if you're giving away a million dollars, let me know, and I'll do whatever it takes!!)