Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Colombia pt 1 // Cali

If you asked me to describe my opinion of the most ideal trip ever, I would probably give you a very detailed summary of my two weeks in Colombia, South America. This adventure was the perfect mixture of relaxation, exploration, and culturation(?) I mean, it was everything I could have asked for and more. We danced, we shopped, we ate (too much), we drank, we explored, and I know that I for one learned so much. I love being fully immersed into a different culture, and that is exactly what I experienced in Colombia. I practiced my Spanish, I tried foods that I had never even heard of (talk about some incredible fruit), and I experienced first-hand some of God's most beautiful creation through indescribable views of mountains and sunsets. 

We spent our first week in Pradera- a small town in the city of Cali. I loved the vibe of Pradera... everyone was always outside hanging out en el parque, the street food was amazing (obelas y cholados... no me digas mas), and I even witnessed my friend Matthew receive a very impressive hair cut from one of the corner shops. 

On our way to the farm one day, we rode (standing up) in the back of a jeep and stopped at the coolest river spot to cool off. When we arrived at la finca, I saw the most amazing view of Pradera, watched a few games of Tejo and futbol, and also ate the most delicious sancocho ever that I don't think will ever be beat. 

In Cali, I learned that the aji is mejor, the cathedrals are las mas lindas, and the streets are los mas cheveres. I am forever thankful to my friends and Steph + her family for the inviting home and unbelievable experiences in Cali. And that was just week one...

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