Thursday, March 27, 2014

Festival Need To's

20 days until I leave for what I expect to be one of the greatest weekends of my life. I still cannot believe that I am going to Coachella- feeling so incredibly thankful for this opportunity. And to experience it for the first time with my best friends ever? Can't beat it. So naturally I've already spent way too much time looking up tips and survival guides from Coachella veterans, and I've put together a list of to-do's. Here is my take on the whole festival thang:

Temporary Tattoos

I've never had the guts to get an actual tattoo, but you can still pretend… right? Temporary tattoos are so fun and can look really cool in the right spots. I especially love the metallic look of these Flash Tattoos around the wrists! 

A Backpack

I can only imagine how much of a hassle it would be holding onto and worrying about losing a bag during the long 13 hour day. A good bag is essential for all the necessities throughout the day (sunscreen, water bottle, chapstick, cash, jacket/scarf, etc) because I can almost guarantee that nobody would be a fan of walking all the way back to the campgrounds in between shows.

Festival Paint

Besides Halloween, when else is it acceptable to draw all over your body? I think it's awesome to take advantage of your atmosphere and really soak in the festival vibes. And that body jewelry is pretty cool too.

Maxi Skirts

I am of course no expert, but this seems to me the perfect outfit for a day full of dancing, walking, (sweating), and embracing the sunshine. Tie the skirt up during the hottest part of the day and then let it back down after the sun sets. Twirl around in it to your favorite songs. I especially love a good print. Plus maxi skirts look great with crop tops and kimonos… perfect for transitions during the day. 

Fun Sunglasses

It seems like a given that sunglasses are essential in the desert, but I've also heard that they're easy to lose or break during festival days. That means the perfect opportunity to play with fun shapes, colors, and sizes instead of bringing your $100+ favorite sunnies and taking the chance of ruining them. I love mirrored aviators, heart shaped (Lana style), and the classic round John Lennon look.

Good Shoes

Protective, sturdy, and comfortable. I've paid close attention to this tip. The last thing anyone wants is aching soles and blistered toes on top of already sore from walking feet. A good ankle boot or cute pair of sneakers seems like the way to go… and socks!

A Hat

I expect it to be annoying and messy to constantly be reapplying sunscreen to your face, so save some time and effort with a good wide brimmed hat or baseball cap. Not only are they stylish, but they will protect your cheeks and prevent that horrible sunburn pain.

Nail Art

Again… embrace the whole festival vibe and paint your nails fun or crazy. Nothing has to match!


A perk of having a good bag is keeping an extra layer in there for the later night shows. A kimono or cardigan seems like the best option to throw over a daytime tank or crop top. The more opportunities for outfit changes, the better!

*All photos found on Pinterest

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