Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DR Round 4

If you know me, you know just how big a part of my life mission trips are. I honestly cannot describe the love I feel for the country of the Dominican Republic and its people. It can only be explained as a passion given by God. This summer's trip was nothing short of amazing. When I am in the DR, or any foreign country for that matter, I try to be cognizant of where I am. I try to take in everything at every moment. The vibrance of the red flowers adorning trees in all directions, the sound of laughs coming from every little mouth around me, the smell of sancocho cooking in a nearby kitchen, and taste of salt water from the most amazing oceans you'll ever see. I love going to La Rinconda and playing with the kids. I love supporting local women looking for work by buying their amazing cinnamon rolls from the bakery down the street. I love building relationships with the people down there that I know will forever be apart of my heart. I am so thankful and so blessed to have these experiences in the DR and let these amazing people and their culture into my life. For more information about donating to the ministry that I work with in the DR, visit Score

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