Friday, August 1, 2014

Tell Em What It Is

I've probably replayed this night in my head one time too many. Back in May just before Summer officially started, Lana Del Rey visited the Atl at the Tabernacle one Thursday evening. What a show. She was opened by the super hot and super tatted Jimmy Gnecco. The crowd was loud, sweaty, and packed. Although I literally couldn't move my arms and could barely breathe as we stood our ground towards the front of the stage, it was all worth it. Lana has such a graceful stage presence- she just floats. And she truly interacts with the crowd… like literally talks to people from the stage. Although I had just seen her a couple weeks before at Coachella, this show was still special as she made it her own. And a lot more personable… And by that I mean we actually talked to her after the show and got some pictures and signatures. It was an unreal experience, but Lana for one was anything but unreal. She is such a genuine person, and that was evident as my girls and I chatted with her about nail color and where she buys her clothes. This night only made me love the Queen of Saigon even more. See you in September, Lana.

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