Thursday, November 6, 2014

So Much More // Akola Project

Two of my strongest passions in life are helping others and the idea of expressing yourself through how you dress. What a pleasure it was to come across a company who incorporates both of these factors into their work! The non-profit business Akola Project is a truly beautiful brand. Not only are their products gorgeous, but their mission and what they stand for is what is really amazing.

Akola Project's Fall Line is definitely alluring. I was drawn to the pieces from the first time I saw them. The balance between authentic Ugandan material and lovely design really make for the perfect accessories. Some of my favorite necklaces from the line are styled below!

The Demi necklace in Azure//Nickel Pendant
Hand-rolled paper beads & Ethiopian pendant

The Tether necklace in Brass
Ethiopian pendants

The Trinity necklace in Black
Horn beads 

*Photos by Caroline Fowler

The goal? "To empower marginalized women to transform the physical and spiritual livelihoods of their families and communities through economic development." All of Akola Project's pieces are hand made with care by struggling, oppressed women in Uganda. But this company is so much more than that. A part from the business, Akola Project works to build God-centered relationships with these women as they are uplifted, encouraged, and supported. The amount of love poured into this project far outweighs the success of the merchandise. Look past the beautiful products, although that may be hard to do, and appreciate the meaning behind this idea.

Check out these handmade products here and give yourself the gift of contributing to the training, education, employment, and bettering of under-privelegd Ugandan women. And meet some of the women whose lives you are touching here.

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