Thursday, January 29, 2015

Take Time


It is no surprise that almost everyone's primary intention of going to the beach is to lay out, jump in the water, soak up the sun and work on that tan. However, you shouldn't totally rule out beach trips during the colder months, for this is the best time to witness some of the prettiest sunrises and sunsets, try out new restaurants, and truly enjoy the beauty and tranquility of where the sand meets the shore. For some added fun, bring your pup (or all four of them) down to the sand to watch them roll around and use all their strength to not touch the water. That's always a good laugh!
 Just being able to sit… not worry about sunscreen or towels or finding a spot on the beach, but just being able to take in God's wonderful creation is so peaceful. I love using my beach time to read, think, or just meditate and appreciate this life. While the coast may be my favorite spot to do this, you can create your own serenity anywhere. Try taking some time out of your day to just sit- whether it be in your room with only some lamps and light music on, or outside surrounded by fresh air and the sound of the wind- take time to enjoy this wonderful life we have been given the opportunity to live.

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