Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, New Tunes

New year, new tunes? Two words: Moon Taxi. These guys have got it all- style, class, talent, and they're not too bad looking either. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, this band features many different sounds. They're rock. They're folk. They're indie. But one thing's for sure- these guys can jam. The best thing about Moon Taxi? Their music fits any occasion. I love listening to them on long car rides, I put their album on during hang outs, and I can even go for a run with their music pulsing in my ears. If you're on the search for new music, look into Moon Taxi. I promise they won't disappoint. 

**A few of my favorite songs? Make sure to listen to Southern Trance, Whiskey Sunsets, Gunflower, River Water, & Morocco

PS: The band just released a live acoustic EP on December 17th. Check out the songs below featured on the new release. And buy a copy of Acoustic on West 56th on iTunes today for only $3.99!

River Water

The New Black

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