Sunday, January 12, 2014

Festival Fashion

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With the recent release of the Coachella 2014 lineup, festival fashion has been running through my head non-stop. Of course the main focus of music festivals is the music itself. The incredible vibe that results from incessant melodies and tunes in the background. The headliners that you stand for hours in one place just to get a good spot in the insane crowd. But along with the music comes the people, and with the people comes a variety of style, creative outfits, and endless inspiration. Here's a little look into past festival outfits. All the details matter- nail color, jewels adorning delicate fingers and collarbones, patterns, crochet, hairstyles, hats, unexpected accessories, everything! A music festival is the one place that you can experiment with absolutely anything fashion related. Embrace the diversity and appreciate the asymmetry. Cheers to festival season 2014!

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